How to recycle a Catalytic converter?

If you decide to throw away your catalytic converter then ¬†you will be throwing away cold hard cash. Many people don’t realize that they contain valuable minerals that can be resold for profit. Thats why thousands of people every year hunt at junk yards and everywhere for these valuable converters.
The first thing you need to do before is to find someone who recycles them in your area or abroad. There are many services where you can mail in your converter and someone will send you a check. You need to work with someone that you can trust someone that has really good experience or is an expert in this field. We only trust . We have worked with tim for many years and he really does an amazing job and is always very fair on pricing.

Make sure that you don’t tamper with the converter its important that the minerals are not tampered with before selling. Many times if it has been opened then you cannot resell it. Hopefully these tips will help you make some extra cash on your converter.

You can always find great ways to help the environment like this. Many people also make very good money recycling catalytic converters. No get out there any make some extra money.